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STS Security Inc. is dedicated to providing best-in-class security services built upon a culture focused on integrity-based core values, teamwork and communication, and dedication to our clients.

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Who We Are

STS Security Inc. is an interactive security company that specializes in providing comprehensive, innovative and technologically superior security solutions and officer services throughout the Chicagoland area. Because each client is unique, STS Security Inc. is dedicated to deliver best-in-class security services amongst the diverse industries we service through a thorough understanding of our client needs. We believe in communication, client engagement and program evaluations to ensure client demands are constantly met. Our approach instills clear performance standards and operational protocols.

After more than 25 years of experience in the security field, our senior executives have helped clients set the most efficient plan for security through teamwork and the latest technology available in the field.

Top Notch Security Services:

Security Service

Security Service

STS Security Inc. provides physical security assessments, roving patrols, security consulting, crisis management and investigations. We service Commercial Real Estate, Apartments and Condominiums, Gated Communities, Financial Institutions, Warehouse and Distribution Centers, Parking Garages, Construction Sites, Special Events, Roving Patrols and Retirement Communities. We are dedicated to creating customized security plans to ensure all of your safety and security needs. Our approach is client-based, which means we never stop working with the client on their unique account to administer highly-trained officers prepared to handle all situations calmly, effectively, and according to protocol.

Officer Training

Officer Training

STS Security Inc. believes training our security officers is one of the most critical elements in order to provide our client with best-in-class service. In order to provide superior service, we train our officers in classroom and fieldwork that cover areas such as:

  • Basic criminal justice
  • CPR/AED First Aid
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Report writing
  • Proper use of equipment, such as surveillance devices

We employ professional security officers licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Services to serve as unarmed security officers. Each prospective team member undergoes background screening, drug screening, and an interview and vetting process. We believe our security officers are a direct representation of STS in the field and will uphold the high expectations to clients immediately upon employment.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

We understand security challenges in commercial real estate change over the course of 24 hours. During business hours, security must monitor entryways and exits with an exemplary degree of professional courtesy. Moving into the afternoon and overnight shifts, priorities shift to proactively ensuring unauthorized personnel are not on the premises and to monitoring building systems. For this reason, we work extensively with the client to develop a security plan for each shift for site preparation and readiness.

Commercial security officer services include:

  • Excellent customer service and professionalism to greet building patrons and guests in the reception area or lobby
  • Visitor management
  • Implementing and utilizing tools that allow security officers to monitor and access activity in public areas (CCTV systems, access control cards, remote video monitoring, and any other client preferred needs)
  • Responding to elevator entrapments
  • Professional appearance and tidiness at all time
Residential and Condominium

Residential and Condominium

Our security team is here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. STS Security has an abundance of experience providing residential security services to apartments, condominiums, HOA, and residential communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers.

Residential Security officer services include:

  • Lobby security receptionists greeting all residents, guests and service providers
  • Doormen
  • Implementing and utilizing tools that allow security officers to monitor and access activity in public areas ( CCTV systems, access control cards, remote video monitoring, and any other client preferred needs)
  • Assist with receiving packages or any other delivery needs
Gated Communities

Gated Communities

When working with a gated community, our security team handles every security procedure at the entry gate. We do not simply open the gate to let people in the neighborhood. Our officers check in all residents arriving in the community. Our security officers make personal connections with residents, and this connection helps us to provide better security and make everyone feel safer.

When visitors arrive to the entry gate, we check a visitor’s log that the homeowners in the community can add names to. When people are not on the list, we make sure to contact the resident whom the visitor is going to see before they are let into the community. We focus on being extremely professional and cordial, but we take every precaution to make sure that the neighborhood is safe.

Gated Community Services include:

  • Ensuring the facility is provided with high quality security services to protect the residents and property
  • Reporting safety concerns, security breaches and unusual circumstances
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships with both client, residents and guests
  • Manage who is entering and exiting your community


STS Security Inc. prioritizes your guests’ comfort and security, providing an atmosphere of well-being and safety throughout the duration of your guest’s stay. We work vigorously with our client to develop proactive hospitality security programs that are essential to the operations of your business.

Hospitality security officer services include:

  • Creation and implementation with our client a successful and effective security program that mitigates both internal and external threats
  • Clear focus on the security of guests and staff, and the security of the property for both the hotel and guests
  • Routine floor inspections
  • Emergency response training and preparedness
  • Escorts to various areas including parking garages, parking lots, or any other escort necessity
  • Response to noise complaints and suspicious persons/items
  • Exceptional customer service and professionalism when greeting patrons
Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

STS Security offers financial institution security with trained security officers able to meet the unique challenge of this high security assignment. In addition to banks, this includes financial institutions, brokerage firms and insurance companies. STS Security not only relies upon our experience in securing such institutions but guarantees our commitment to any innovations in the field that will bring our clients a higher level of service and satisfaction.

Financial Institution security officer services include:

  • Preserving order and act to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises
  • Working on building effective relationships with both client employees and patrons
  • Patrols for the Financial Institution (foot or vehicle)
  • Monitoring CCTV and alarms
  • Reporting safety concerns, security breaches and unusual circumstances both verbally and in writing
Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

STS Security Inc. is aware of the challenges of warehouses and distribution centers, including layout, large volume of inbound/outbound traffic, facility activity, products or machines, etc. We know that developing a security program unique to our client’s need is a critical way to eliminate risk.

STS Security Inc. is able to service our client’s unique warehouse and distribution center needs, including:

  • Mobile patrol services for high visibility or large patrol areas
  • Access control
  • CCTV Surveillance and monitoring
  • Emergency response training
  • Alarm response
  • Security training to assist our security officers with the ability to uphold and maintain cargo integrity, recognize potential threats and response
Parking Garages

Parking Garages

STS Security team’s presence with uniformed officers discourages crimes of opportunity, such as property damage and theft, reduces potential liability, and protects your customers and employees. Our team provides a secure environment to make everyone feel safe as well as strengthen customer loyalty and increases their patronage.

Parking Garage security services include:

  • After-hours escorts
  • Standing and mobile officers
  • Roaming Patrols
  • Parking policy enforcement
  • Theft and vandalism deterrence
  • Vehicle towing coordination


STS Security is committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected while workers are on site or off site. We employ only qualified security officers to carry out a full construction site security plan to keep all of your assets safe.

We understand how vulnerable construction sites can be and know what security measures need to be put into effect. With expensive equipment, tools and materials often left unattended, construction sites make for the perfect opportunity not only for thieves and vandals but also make for a hazardous danger zone for workers.

Offering the complete package we can tailor the below construction security services to your exact needs:

  • Static and Mobile Officers
  • Gate House Security for staff and visitor access
  • Ensure visitors complete proper documentation of forms and visitor logs prior to entering facility as well as log all visitors and personnel.
  • Theft and vandalism deterrence
  • CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction to intruders
  • Vehicle Patrols through the construction site(s)
Event Services/Temporary Security Services

Event Services/Temporary Security Services

STS Security Inc. is prepared to meet client needs at a variety of high-profile venues, such as professional sporting events, college sporting events, concerts and musical festivals, conventions and conferences, special events, etc. Event staff will exceed client standards to ensure quality customer service, attention to detail, and professionalism 24/7.

STS Security Inc. provides a multitude of event staffing and security services. For your specific needs this may include:

  • Ushers
  • Crowd control professionals
  • Guest services staff
  • Metal detection/ bag check
  • Field/court security
  • Concert security
  • Parking attendants
  • Bicycle patrol
Patrol and Alarm Responses

Patrol and Alarm Responses

STS Security Inc. provides patrol services to enhance safety as well as to assist in the prevention and detection of trespassing, vandalism and criminal activity at the client’s property. Our patrol and alarm response services include but are not limited to warehouses, industrial parks, distribution centers and construction sites.

Patrol and alarm response services include:

  • Highly trained, uniformed security officers in clearly marked STS Security vehicles
  • At the suspicion, observation, or evidence of criminal activity, local law enforcement and client representatives are notified immediately.

Customized services to meet unique client needs include regularly scheduled patrol service, randomly scheduled patrol service, response to emergency situations, temporary coverage, scheduled services such monitoring equipment, providing escort services, or unlocking doors.


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